Universal Studios Hollywood Taps Aegison for it’s Upcoming New Mummy Ride

Mobile DVR Santa Clara, Calif. – June 15, 2004 – Aegison Corporation, a leading global provider of digital surveillance systems with broadband IP network connectivity, announced today that their digital surveillance system has been selected by Universal Studios Hollywood for use with the new Mummy Ride.

The new Mummy Ride in Universal Studios Hollywood is the world first Blockbuster roller coaster incorporating several world record high-tech designs, including hurtling in the darkness both forward and backward and stunning visual effect’s. The ride is scheduled to be open to the public on June 25, 2004.

“We are very excited about the new Mummy Ride project, especially since most of us in the company are fans of the Mummy movies”, said Steven Hwang, the Chief Operating Officer of Aegison. “For a thrill attraction like the new Mummy Ride, public safety is always the top priority. In the environment of roller coaster rides, video quality, seamless recording, scalable system with uncompromised stability are very crucial. Our digital system serves the new Mummy Ride extremely well with our innovative crash-free embedded design, full frame rate recording, playback, full triplex, 32 cameras real time monitoring and easy of maneuverability.”

Aegison’s digital security solution is built upon the versatile DV6040 digital video recorder which has an embedded system for maximum system stability and performance. Leveraging MPEG2 technologies, Aegison DVR provides superior video quality and audio recording and playback for secure transmission over the local network. The unit offers triplex digital video operation with simultaneous real time monitoring with 120 frames per second and 120 frames per second playback. Supporting up to 16 channels, the DV6040 provides instant review and a 24/7 continuous monitoring environment. The DV6040 also offers unlimited expandability through networking capabilities.

Working in conjunction with the DV6040s, the CCMS serves as the central command post. The CCMS enables the operator to easily control and monitor thousands of cameras. CCMS unique dual display mode enables simultaneous viewing of both video and data. With one CCMS, operators can manually or automatically switch between multiple groups of cameras. Real-time video from four DV6040s can be simultaneously displayed on the same screen in one display, while other DVRs alarm/connection status will continue to be viewable.

About Aegison Corporation

Aegison provides innovative digital surveillance systems worldwide where security and evidence and event documentation are crucial. Aegison digital surveillance systems are deployed in a variety of security environments, from simple home digital CCTV systems, to large-scale deployments such as use in law enforcement and aviation deployments with a central control room. Aegison product offerings include POS digital video recorders, security gateways and central security management servers. Founded in 2000, Aegison is headquartered in Silicon Valley, Calif., USA.

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